Management Team

Rick Freeman - Fitness Director

Meet Rick


Rick Freeman has been in the fitness industry for 12 years. When he graduated from Allegheny College in 2004 he decided to pursue a career in the fitness arena. He wanted to have an influence on people in a positive way, since there are so many health problems in our society that could be solved with proper diet and exercise.



Chris Babics - Fitness Director

Meet Chris


Chris has been involved in fitness ever since high school sports and continued after into college athletics. After returning from Ohio University he decided to take his fitness seriously by thoroughly designing workout programs and dietary plans. This lead Chris to finding a true passion for exercise science and motivated him to obtain a NCSF personal training certification. He has been training clients and managing fitness facilities for the past 3 years.


Matt Brown - Assistant Fitness Director

Meet Matt


Matt fell in love with fitness pursuing his personal goals. The journey lead him to not only become succesful with accomplishing his own goals, but also creating the love and passion with assisting others to do the same. Matt has 3 years of experience training clients as well as managing health clubs. He is currently in the process of obtaining NASM certification,  he will continue to expand his knowledge to become an exceptional trainer and manager!